$20M Arizona Mansion Comes With a Go-Kart Track and Fully Stocked Racing Garage

It's a mighty price to pay. But then again, you can race in your pajamas.
ARMLS. Zillow

If I win Friday night’s Mega Millions jackpot, I know exactly what I’m buying first. Currently for sale in Arizona is a massive, 9,300-square-foot mansion with its own gym, gaming room, theater room, full-size basketball court, and, most importantly, a go-kart track. I see no better way to enjoy my very early, lottery-funded retirement than to wake up every day and take a few laps of my own personal track with my morning coffee.

Admittedly, the style of this sprawling Arizona estate isn’t for everyone. I’m not well-versed in architectural design, so all I can say is that this looks like it would be home to Danny McBride in Righteous Gemstones. That said, it is incredibly impressive, with more unique entertainment rooms than I would know what to do with. I lost count of how many kitchens I saw, too.

The star of the show for any self-professing car nut is the go-kart track. The listing doesn’t say exactly how long it is but I count seven corners, one of which is a tight hairpin, so it’s big enough to have some real fun on. Plus, it has its own indoor pit station. The go-karts seem to be electric and have retractable plugs to charge them when not in use. In that pit station, there’s a pair of three-row racks full of spare tires, toolboxes, and a workstation. So any issues with the karts can be remedied on-site and indoors.

We’ve seen plenty of other houses for sale with race tracks before. Some of them have had full-sized tracks for actual race cars. However, a go-kart track can often be more fun because more people can race, especially if you have kids. Not everyone can throw on a helmet and risk their lives at high speed, nor does everyone want to. A go-kart track is more accessible, lower-stakes, and more relaxed than a proper track, which would make it more fun to live with.

If you want this five-bedroom, six-bathroom monster, you’re going to pay top dollar, as it’s currently listed for $20 million. But can you put a price on daily go-kart fun in the comfort of your pajamas? I think not.

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