This Van-Boat Hybrid Is Weirdly Wonderful

If a conversion van married a yacht this is what the children would look like.

What if #vanlife appeals to you, but the open water calls to you more than the open road? The Boat Brokers have the ultimate solution for sale right now: a 1981 Delta Van Cruiser.

Built at a time when custom conversion vans were still quite popular, the Delta Van Cruiser combines the styling and utility of a conversion van with the conveniences and, well, water-going capabilities of a boat. It looks like someone just grafted the A-Team‘s GMC C-15 van on top of a 26-foot boat, but the Delta Van Cruiser was designed from the keel up to be a boat that resembles the classic van shape. However, the Volvo Penta 200D engines in these land yachts have a great deal in common with the classic Chevy 305 V8 that powered many vans.

The Boat Brokers

The conversion van theme continues inside, with shag carpeting, captain’s chairs (rather appropriate in this case), and a two-way radio built into an overhead compartment, though for marine rather than CB frequencies. Like many conversion vans, it includes a refrigerator, two-burner stove, and a head portapotty. But it also includes a depth finder not found on most vans, as well as a Bimimi, which is an open deck area with its own convertible top.

According to the ad only 37 Delta Van Cruisers were ever made, which my own research confirms. It’s easy to see why. Let’s face it, as practical as box-on-wheels vans are, they’re not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Plus, a boat has no need to mimic the contours of a land vehicle designed to carry construction equipment or contractor supplies. So really, there’s no reason for this boat-van thing to exist. And yet it does. For $19,995, this one could be yours.