1970s Dodge Van Turned Boat Could Storm the Beaches of Margaritaville

I don't want to hear the stories that shag carpet could tell.
delta van cruiser boat

Like the Amphicar or the WWII-era Duck, blending land and sea vehicles together usually means expanding one vehicle’s capability to navigate both surfaces. In other less-versatile circumstances, but equally badass, it entails adding a hull and boat guts to a ’70s Dodge van and creating one of the most unique/awesome vehicles, ever: The Delta Van Cruiser.

This magnificent creation recently popped up in a Dodge Van Facebook group. It’s actually not a one-off mended together by some crafty genius, either. A company called Delta Van Cruiser produced as many as 37 of them in Pittsburg, California, in the 1970s and 80s.

The seller included a bunch of photos, including a sales pamphlet from the era where the company highlighted the comfort, speed, and luxury of its fine product. 

To make it, DVC cut up a ’70s Dodge van, gave it a hull, threw in a bunch of boat parts, a marine-ready V8 from Volvo, and bolted on an early Fox Body Mustang’s grille. Oh, and finished off the interior with a fireplace, shag carpeting everywhere, and what looks like a skylight above the captain’s chairs (I guess that’s what they’re called? I’m no boatsman). I can hear the yacht rock bangers from here while examining the photos—I’d say the pamphlet actually undersold it.

With a little restoration and elbow grease, this thing would surely be an attention grabber on any of our nation’s waterways. I can’t stop thinking of the guitar riff in Steely Dan’s Hey Nineteen when thinking about this beauty skating across the water.

As reported by Motor1, it’s no longer for sale. A good offer came through and it’s now residing in Washington. We wish the new owner the best of luck in a smooth and fulfilling restoration process.

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