Live Out Your Apocalypse Fantasies with This Twin-Engine Ford Aerostar Van Tank

Money alone can’t buy happiness, but throw in a little imagination. Now you’re cooking with gas.

byJesus Garcia|
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I believe money does buy happiness, but only if you already have something that money can’t buy: imagination. A person with all the money in the world and no spark in their soul would never think to buy this Ford Aerostar van-based tank with a Mad Max worthy twin-engine setup currently for sale on Racing Junk

This two-seater minivan runs a set of 572-ci big block Chevrolet V8s wearing 871 blowers. You know, the kind of engine set up that would make Immortan Joe shout “witness me!” as he thundered along Fury Road. The Racing Junk listing says “Tank” for vehicle name, but photos show the name Overtime Traxx written on the van’s hood and rear passenger windows. 

The item description states this vehicle was restored by a former monster truck racer. According to Monster Truck Fandom, a man named Chandler Lloyd used to own and race a 1989 GMC Sierra monster truck named Overtime. The truck was based in South Carolina, the same state the Overtime Traxx is listed. The private seller’s user name is CHAN1105. Good chance Lloyd is the seller behind this get-out-of-my-way mobile

The “interior” features dual gauges for each engine and tank-levers for steering. This is the kind of vehicle you drive with a battle helmet and a lite cigar while laughing menacing. Overtime Traxx has an asking price of $105,000, but that includes spare parts, and delivery is available. Best of all, the description says it is parade capable. With 16 supercharged cylinders and a set of tracks, any route you drive this thing automatically becomes a one-float parade. 

This machine was built for the phrase, “come at me.” I ask you to use your imagination and come up with the funniest destination to drive the Overtime Traxx. I’ll start it off, a five-star restaurant with valet service. Roll up, toss the keys to the attendant, and ask them to keep it running with a straight face. 

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