This 9FF-Tuned Porsche 997 Turbo Racer Has 1400 Horsepower

It’s fast, but it sure doesn’t sound very good, does it?

byBradley Brownell|
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Have you ever been airstrip racing? It's an incredible amount of fun for the first few runs. Speed is an addiction, and you soon find yourself wanting to go faster. When you've got four-figure horsepower on tap, things can get pretty wild very quickly, but as modern cars continue to get even better, it's not as difficult as it once was to find extra speed. When speed is simply an extrapolation from how much extra cash you have, how fast would you like to spend? If you have enough, you can buy 1400 horsepower units worth of big turbos, big intercoolers, big injectors, and big Hoosier tires. 

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With wide sticky Indiana special reserve racin' tires on the back of this beast, it's unlikely that they'll be searching too long for traction, and in something with this much power, traction is key to a good run. Even when the event is the 'Rolling50 Deutsche Meisterschaft' in Lahr, Germany. These guys all make their top-speed runs from a 50 kilometer per hour rolling start. I've been pretty vocal about rolling starts in the past, but when you have this much power on tap, it's much more likely to last through the season if you're not 'dig racing' and snapping axles every week. 

If you throw a bunch of rich guys and their high-horsepower cars at a runway and let them rip, you're bound to have a great day of racing. I've been to a few of these airstrip events, though never one in Germany. I imagine they're quite the same. If you have an opportunity to attend one, give it a try. You just might learn something about how to go fast in a straight line. Usually, it involves spending a lot of money. 

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