Watch This 1,000-HP 9ff-Tuned Porsche 997 Turbo Blow Away Supercars

Tons of power and tons of grip leads to some serious acceleration.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

If you've ever been running late for work in your 997 Turbo and thought to yourself "You know, this doesn't have nearly enough power!", then perhaps German tuning company 9ff has the right stuff to build you the car you really need. The car in this video is claimed to have 1,070 horsepower, and it sure shoves off like it might. This particular brand of racing is called "Roll Racing" where you gently accelerate up to 50 (in this case I believe that is KPH) and when you get to a certain demarcation line you hammer the throttle wide open and see how fast you can cross the timing line a kilometer or so away. There is surprisingly little information about this car, but the video comments claim it has a sequential gearbox (it sure doesn't sound like it), and a body kit from speedART. 

9ff is well known for creating huge power from turbocharged watercooled Porsches, and they aren't about to stop now. This car appears to be pretty quick, and you can bet we'd love to get our hands on it for a day at an airstrip. While the video doesn't give any indication of results, the Porsche does lay waste to a number of competitors, including what appears to be a Novitec-tuned Ferrari F12. That's mighty impressive to us.