Subaru Wants to Paste Your Face Into Its Dog Commercials

We gave it a try for ourselves.

byAaron Brown|

Subaru owners received an email Thursday morning with an invite to drop their face into a 42-second video that shows them in a Subaru with a handful of dogs. As a loyal owner of many, many Subarus, your humble author here at The Drive decided to give it a try.

The video appears to be a take on Subaru's "Subaru Dog Tested" video campaign. The only difference here is that this time, the Japanese automaker is letting owners—and really, anyone else who wants to see themselves as a member of the golden retriever clan known as "The Barkleys"—in on the canine fun. Also, this is way more hilarious than the regular ads. 

The email sent out by Subaru said the following:

Dear [OWNER],

We love having you in our Subaru family. To show our appreciation, please enjoy this shareable video featuring you with our dog family, the Barkleys.

Just take a picture using your webcam or camera phone—or upload an existing picture—when you click the link below. You'll be starring in your very own shareable video with the Subaru dogs in no time.


After taking a quick webcam image, your face is pasted into a video of you and the Barkleys. We gave it a whirl, as you can see here, and it is indeed friggin' entertaining.