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Porsche’s Mountain Bike Is Inspired By Motorsport, Allegedly

This new promotional video from Porsche touts the spurious connection between GT Racing and off-road biking

Porsche has been making bicycles for decades, not quite as long as they’ve been making racing cars, certainly, but a long time. Porsche currently sells three different types of bicycle, including the “Porsche Bike” a standard multiuse frame, the “Porsche Bike RS” which is a road racer style lightweight bike, and the “Porsche Bike RX” for mountain and off-road duties. The current generation of RX is a carbon fiber framed bike with front air shock forks, and hydraulically actuated disc brakes, which has been around in one shape or another since 2014. The RX recently went through a livery change with some other minor updates to the design, and they want to help promote the thing with this new video, it would seem. Where the 2016 model featured 20 speeds, the 2017 model has room for two more gears. There might be some minor changes to the frame design, but other than that, the bikes appear to be more or less the same. As with all things Porsche, change is affected in an evolutionary manner rather than revolutionary. 

The Bike RX is available in three different sizes, small (49 cm), medium (52 cm), and large (55 cm) to fit any number of different Porsche enthusiast frames. Porsche’s sales site says “The performance and the resilience of these bikes “is exceptional. A Porsche bike is more than just a means of transport or a piece of sports equipment: it helps you to enjoy life and gives you a sense of freedom.” You can get a Bike RX on sale right now for the low low price of just $4,643 through the Porsche Design Driver’s Selection website, or your local Porsche dealer. 

Though this video is more than happy to promote the connection between bike and race car, they don’t really give any indication of how the two are related. I guess you could reach to find a “performance” and “carbon construction” correlation, but you might hurt yourself stretching that far. It’s a cool bike, but I’m not sure how it relates to a 911 RSR. It’s white with black and red accents, I guess?