Classic Ford Bronco EV Infuses New-Age Tech Into Iconic Off-Roader for $185K

It even has a five-speed manual transmission.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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As we should all know by now, the 2021 Ford Bronco is coming and coming soon. A few leaked details hint that the upcoming off-roader will be everything diehards want and more, though for now, there's still plenty of speculation circling around the treasured classic's revival.

Say you like the idea of all this modern tech, but you'd still rather have the original Bronco's styling. You can spring for a Coyote V8-swapped ICON restomod like some well-to-do folks, or you can bypass internal combustion completely. That's where the Zero Labs Ford Bronco EV comes into play.

Zero Labs

It might be heretical to some, but the Zero Labs Bronco is an example of contemporary gadgetry mixed with nostalgic Americana. The company has actually been producing electrified Broncos for around a year, but to this point, they were all carbon-fiber-bodied, retro-futuristic models that didn't look quite the same. Customers can still go that route if they'd like, but now, Zero Labs is building steel-bodied examples that look nearly identical to the '66-'77 Broncos we know and love.

The Zero Labs Bronco rides on a platform that packs dual electric motors producing 600 horsepower and around 485 pound-feet of torque. For those wondering, that's a 464 percent improvement over the original Bronco's horsepower rating, and a 471 percent improvement over the classic's torque figure. A 70-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides 190 miles of driving range, and it touts Level 3 DC fast charging tech. 

Zero Labs
Zero Labs

Independent front and rear suspension upholds the still-off-road-worthy 4x4, and there's even a five-speed manual transmission. Power is then sent to a two-speed transfer case, which can disperse output to the rear or all four wheels. Fox shock absorbers handle all the bumps, while Brembo brakes are there to help control during tricky descents.

Zero Labs

Finally, a high-dollar Bronco wouldn't be complete without a heaping handful of luxury throughout the cabin. Premium leather is standard equipment, and you can even spring for vegan seating. Customers can choose between handmade wood or carbon fiber panels on the interior, and everything is hand-assembled at Zero Labs' American production facility.

Of course, all this new-school equipment and genuine craftsmanship will cost you. Pricing is set to kick off at $185,000 for steel-bodied examples with plenty of, um, upward mobility depending on the options fitted. It surely isn't cheap but, then again, good work hardly ever is.

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