Roush Rolls Out 650-HP Ford F-150 Monsters for the Trail or Pavement

Less is not more.

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If you own a Ford truck and want something a little spicier than the Baja-slaying Raptor, you can give Roush Performance a ring. The company develops tons of off- and on-road performance upgrades for F-Series models, all of which are sold at participating Ford dealers with a full warranty. Now the company just announced a slew of upgrades for the 2020 model year, and they include updates to the Nitemare F-150, dubiously named the "world's fastest truck," and the off-road-ready F-150 SC.

Roush Performance

Roush says the Nitemare is its quickest truck and after reading the spec sheet, it’s easy to see why. The truck uses a Roush TVS R2650 supercharger to extract 650 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque from the 5.0-liter V8. That allows the regular cab 4x4 model to complete a zero-to-60 run in just 3.9 seconds. Elsewhere, the truck gets a sport lowering kit, 22-inch Roush wheels, Continental CrossContact tires, and Nitemare graphics.

Essentially, this is the pickup you'll want if you're main focus is beating Corvettes at stop-light drags. It's also got quite a bit of top-end grunt, making highway pulls a dream so long as you steer clear of Johnny Law.

Roush Performance

The F-150 SC, on the other hand, is built with four-wheeling (and a touch of luxury) in mind. It comes with the same supercharger setup and V8 engine, which produce power numbers identical to the Nitemare. But instead of a lowering kit, the SC has a Roush-tuned Fox 2.0 off-road suspension system, 20-inch black satin wheels, and General Tire Grabber ATX 33-inch rubber.  

Inside, you'll find quilted leather thrones that make all the bumpy seat-time bearable. Don't forget the dual 10-inch Rigid SR-Pro Series light bars, either, as no modern 4x4 build would be complete without them.

Roush’s upgrades aren’t for the faint of heart or wallet, as the Nitemare starts at $19,150 and the F-150 SC starts at $24,000 on top of the price of the truck. That money buys more than a glorified body kit, though, as both trucks come with a three-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty and a serialized certificate of authenticity after each one is hand-built. 

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