Lexus to Build Small, Urban Hatchback Instead of Tesla-Fighter for Its First EV: Report

Its design will reportedly be seen in a new concept during October’s Tokyo Motor Show.

byChris Tsui|
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Lexus is preparing to introduce its very first all-electric vehicle and instead of a long-legged sedan that would aim to steal sales from the Tesla Model S and Porsche's upcoming Taycan, it'll do it with a small, two-door hatchback, if a new Autocar report is to be believed. 

It'll apparently take the tall, boxy shape of Lexus' LF-SA concept introduced way back in 2015 and be previewed in a new concept car coming to this October's Tokyo Motor Show. Referring directly to the LF-SA, Lexus Vice President Koji Sato told the British publication, "We feel that our future could resemble this design."

When The Drive reached out to Lexus for comment, a company spokesperson replied in an email, "We can't comment on questions about future product."

Lexus LF-SA Concept, Toyota

The Lexus city EV's design is said to be more futuristic than anything it currently offers. The Toyota luxury arm's design chief, Koichi Suga, also tells Autocar that while Toyota president Akio Toyoda has yet to green-light his final design, it'll continue to incorporate the firm's love-it-or-hate-it spindle grille

In terms of infotainment—another commonly-criticized Lexus sore point—the car will reportedly get a pair of screens on either side of the steering wheel. 

Lexus LF-SA Concept, Toyota

From the report, Toyota and Lexus are going in on electric cars next decade as it aims to introduce 10 of 'em by 2025. A lot of R&D is being carried out on in-wheel electric motors in particular with Sato commenting, "We expect four wheels operating independently will offer greater agility, stability, and excitement. We will continue to pursue this exciting opportunity."

Let's hope the company has EVs in store that are a bit more exciting than Smart car-shaped hatchbacks.

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