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Connecticut Man Has 2019 Buick Enclave Wrapped in Faux-Wood to Replace Classic Roadmaster

This guy's got it all figured out.

“Woodie” wagons were once a major staple in the American motoring scene, mainly in the 1940s and ’50s but even into the ’90s. But they’ve since been phased out, not just from major regulation changes but also because they simply went out of style. One Connecticut news anchor, however, still believes that woodies can make a comeback. 

Dennis House of CBS affiliate WFSB is a noted car buff and lover of retro woodies, so much in fact that he festooned his newly purchased 2019 Buick Enclave with faux-wood paneling as a replacement for his classic B-Body Roadmaster.

No, Buick doesn’t exactly offer wood paneling on any of its vehicles from the factory or dealer as it did back in the good ol’ Baby Boomer days, but that didn’t stop House from fulfilling his desires. In an interview with GMAuthority back in May, House told the outlet that he asked his local dealer, Scranton Motors, to apply vinyl graphics. Of course, the dealer found a way to make it happen for one of its most esteemed customers.

Scranton Motors apparently then hunted down a graphic artist who made the measurements on the Enclave and then rendered them up in digital software. After some tinkering here and there, they had the vinyl panels printed and then applied to the Enclave. House even went a step further and sourced some old-school badging to match the entire throwback.

House is a self-professed Buick fan and says he owns two B-Body Roadmasters, a full-black 1996 and another 1995 in the classic Woodie theme. He thinks the trend even has a second shot at life and hopes General Motors returns to offering the custom option on new vehicles in the near future.

So does this mean Landau roofs will once again be popular, too?

h/t: Autoblog