The Twofer: Garrett Leight Wilson Shades and a ’47 Ford Woodie

Two great West Coast talismans for denizens of the East.

byBen Keeshin| UPDATED Jun 18, 2019 6:15 AM
The Twofer: Garrett Leight Wilson Shades and a ’47 Ford Woodie

As the weather cools and color drains from every tree and blade of grass, many a New York mind turns to California. Should I have moved there? Might I still? Does endless sunshine really make one soft-headed? Or is that just something I tell myself in January, knee-deep in a Manhattan slush sinkhole and crying into the collar of a camel overcoat I bought just to fit in?

Soothe your winter-hardened soul with the trappings of a breezy California life. First things first: Your face. Sunglassesannounce to the world that, despite a Siberian forecast, you’ve got sunshine inside. These Garrett Leight Wilsons (they can’t not be named after Brian, the lead Beach Boy) are minimalist and metallic, with available rose-colored lenses to, you know, make the metaphorical physical and lend you a slightly-whacked, Manson-era Los Angelista look. (If that’s a bridge too far, the Wilsons also come in silver.) Online here.


And, to keep those Beach Boys vibrations humming, why not cruise Manhattan’s brutal, pothole-ridden streets in a 1947 Ford “Woodie” Wagon with a forlorn surfboard on the roof? This well-restored model has a flathead V8 and a three-speed, great for outmaneuvering your neuroses. While wood-sided wagons are notoriously susceptible to dampness, salt, and cold, hey—so are you. By the time this wagon succombs to the elements, you’ll be naught but a corroded shell yourself. Catch a wave, dude.