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Watch a Tesla Model S Randomly Erupt Into a Ball of Fire While Parked

The reason for the fire is unknown, but sadly, it also consumed the Audi that was parked next to the electric sedan.

Whenever it comes to discussing Tesla in any way, shape, or form, it’s always a hot topic, whether it’s involving Elon Musk, the company itself, or actual Tesla vehicles. This time, however, a Tesla is literally on fire as Twitter user @ShanghaiJayin shared a snippet of what appears to be a Tesla Model S randomly spontaneously combusting in a car park.

Details are scarce, but it shows a Tesla Model S just chillin’ in a car park when out of nowhere, it goes from 0 to 100 incredibly fast as a plume of white smoke comes out from under the car. Naturally, in most situations, with smoke comes fire and shortly after the white plume became visible, the Model S immediately erupted into a ball of fire.

“Good or bad, negative or positive, I will post anything about Tesla or EVs in China. This happened today in Shanghai, China. First-generation Tesla Model S caught fire underground car park,” wrote the Twitter user.

Shortly after, Shanghai Jay posted a follow-up video of the aftermath of that specific Tesla fire, where it clearly appears that the blaze also consumed the poor Audi adjacent to the Model S.

Some quality control issues in the past have led to Tesla fires as well. But Tesla being under fire (no pun intended) for scrutiny of the build quality of its models isn’t the only controversy surrounding the industry-disrupting luxury EV automaker. The use of lithium-ion battery packs has also had its fair share of criticism, especially in large applications, as they present a bigger fire threat due to the volatility of the materials being used.

In most cases with lithium-ion batteries catching fire, the cause is usually attributed to a compromised or ruptured battery cell or an electrical short. But a replying user noted that in order for a Tesla’s massive battery pack to catch fire like this, more than one of its 7,000-plus cells needs to be compromised in order for it to catch fire this quickly.