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Tesla Model S Goes the Distance With 375 Miles of Range

Customers buying the Performance upgrade will get Ludicrous Mode included as well.

As Tesla has focused on the constant thrum of demand for the Model 3, it’s felt like the company’s first and second models—the Model S and Model X—have suffered for the sake of their younger sibling. Late today, however, Tesla announced that it would be upgrading new Model S and Model X Long Range models to return 370 and 325 miles of range respectively thanks to a substantially overhauled battery system.

According to the company, the Model S and Model X Long Range’s will receive Tesla’s “latest generation of drive unit technology,” which ups the battery pack’s efficiency by a little more than 10-percent. To do this, Tesla’s engineering team optimized the “permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, silicon carbide power electronics, and improved lubrication, cooling, bearings, and gear designs.” This allowed Tesla to achieve a battery pack efficiency of 93-percent. 

These optimizations and efficiencies, however, produced other beneficial effects as it not only improves range, but also 0-60 mph times, and lets the energy from V2 and V3 Superchargers flow faster into the battery pack, reducing the charge time on either Supercharger by 50-percent. 

Tesla enhanced both the Model S and Model X further by upgrading each car’s air suspension system with fully adaptive damping. This, according to Tesla, has had multiple beneficial effects on each car. Tesla states that not only does the adaptive damping give both the Model S and Model X “an ultra-cushioned feel, as well as “exhilarating confidence during dynamic driving,” but the suspension software will talk with the rest of the car and reduce each car’s ride height in order to “optimize aerodynamic drag.”

As for the Teslas blistering performance thanks to torque at zero rpm, that too gets an upgrade, but only if you’re an existing Model S and Model X customer. According to Tesla’s release, loyal customers who already own and Model S or Model X and who wish to purchase a new Model S or Model X Long Range Performance will get Ludicrous Mode included, which Tesla states is a $20,000 option. But again, that’s only for customers who already own a Model S or Model X and will pay for a brand new model—which in our eyes defeats the purpose of an OTA upgradable environmental automobile. Tesla also stated that it will re-introduce the lower-tier Standard Range option that will feature all the latest updates.

Changes are said to go into production at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory and can be ordered starting today. Tesla did not state how long it would be until these upgraded cars are delivered to customers. And though pricing wasn’t released, as the previous entry-level Model S was priced at $76,000 before state and federal incentives, a quick glance at Tesla’s website now reveals the entry-level Model S costs $78,000, which represents a $2,000 increase.