Another Tesla Model S Randomly Catches Fire in San Francisco Garage: Report

This is the second vehicle fire involving a Model S in the span of a few weeks, though this time, authorities say the EV was not charging.

byChris Chin| PUBLISHED May 5, 2019 9:25 AM
Another Tesla Model S Randomly Catches Fire in San Francisco Garage: Report

A Tesla

Model S seems to have spontaneously and randomly combusted, this time while parked in a private garage in San Francisco. Local news

outlets report that the San Francisco Fire Department responded to a car fire around midnight Thursday evening, on the 1300 block of 26th Avenue near Irvington Street.

According to the reports, the Model S was not plugged in at the time of the incident. When crews arrived to assess the scene, they noticed a considerable amount of smoke emanating from the right rear, though it’s unconfirmed if it was coming from the vehicle's battery.  Fire crews put out the flames, which seemed to be rather contained and didn’t spread to the building, and then removed the Tesla from the garage. They further mitigated the issue by cutting all the main electrical leads in the Model S to prevent any more mishap.

No injuries were reported.

The San Francisco Fire Department is currently investigating the cause as there aren’t any indications as to what sparked the fire.

This is the second Tesla Model S that seems to have randomly caught fire in a span of a few weeks. Surveillance cameras in a private Shanghai car-park caught another Model S randomly catching fire and erupting into a great big ball of fire, consuming adjacent vehicles in the process.

The incident also comes just as Tesla persists to be a hot topic on Wall Street with the company continuing to seek further capital investment. It recently announced its plans to sell some stock and notes to help raise “much-needed capital,” to the amount of around $2.3 billion.