The Chevy Bolt Has an Official Electric Range of 238 Miles

That’s enough to make Tesla to break a sweat.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Sep 13, 2016 4:07 PM
The Chevy Bolt Has an Official Electric Range of 238 Miles

With Chevy's new entry-level, full-electric car about to enter mass-production, the automaker has released one very key detail that helps show how the new plug-in hatchback compares to its formidable competition. Chevy announced that the Bolt travels 238 miles on a single charge.

Thanks to its circa $37,500 starting price and new official range claim, the Chevy Bolt is looking more like a more-than-competent competitor to the so-close, yet so-far away Tesla Model 3. With a claimed range of 215 miles, the $35,000 Model 3 isn't far off, and who knows what could change between now and the time the Model 3s are actually rolled out (Tesla is plagued by massive production delays). For all we know, Elon Musk could engage in a one-upping war with General Motors and use some fancy Tesla battery tech to boost the range of its entry level car. We wouldn't put it past the clever Musk.

Either way, the difference is slim, and it is also worth noting that Bolt owners would not have access to any sort of quick-charge Supercharger stations, like Model 3 buyers will have. For years, one of Tesla's biggest claims was that it offers its owners the ability to drive long-distances without having to pay for a refuel or recharge. In June, Musk explained to Tesla shareholders that Supercharging with the Model 3 would have to be sold as an option to buyers because of the car's low starting price.

Bolts are slated to arrive in showrooms in late 2016 with a starting price of around $37,500 before tax incentives.