Five Winter Rigs

Need a little help navigating the weather? Check out these five rides.

2008 Ford F-250 Lariat


What Is It: A heavily-modified, full-sized rig that could haul pretty much anything and go anywhere.

Why You Want It: Ever seen those videos of the average-looking trucks pulling 18-wheelers out of the snow? Most of those clips feature F-250s and most have been fairly stock. Well, this is an 800-HP version of that same truck, lifted eight inches on 38-inch tires! At $45k, it’s for sale for about half the money that’s in it.

Current Price: $44,977.00

Where to Buy: eBay

1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 


What Is It: A pristine, mostly-stock example of an ideal weekend warrior.

Why You Want It: The Land Cruiser 80-series that was produced from 1990-1997 has somewhat of a cult following in the Overlanding community. They came equipped with factory lockers and solid axles which is great for hitting the trails and its size allows for plenty of gear.

Current Price: $19,995.00

Where to Buy: eBay

2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro


What Is It: One of the most sought-after off-road vehicles on the market. There’s a very small handful of these for sale in the pre-owned market and they’re selling for about what you would buy them new.

Why You Want It: If you desire a vehicle that can do just about anything fresh out of the box, this 4Runner is definitely for you – assuming you can afford the payments. 

Current Price: $38,999.00

Where to Buy: eBay


2003 Land Rover Discovery SE


What Is It: One of the most recognizable off-road vehicles out there that has been properly equipped for trail use.

Why You Want It: Outside of looking simply badass, $12k is a steal for such a capable vehicle with all the additional accessories included. As long as you’re good friends with a Land Rover mechanic, you’re in good shape!

Current Price: $11,999.00

Where to Buy: eBay

2016 Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD Pro


What Is It: So this isn’t exactly a rig you would take off the pavement – but you could. It’s a fully-loaded, bro-tastic truck that will turn heads everywhere.

Why You Want It: If you’re looking for show truck with room for five to six adults, this could be your ride. Base price for this truck is right around the selling price plus tens of thousands of additions. This Tundra has 17 inches of lift, 38-inch Nitto tires and extensive LED lighting.

Current Price: $55,500.00

Where to Buy: eBay