10 Black Rigs to Buy This Black Friday

Currently up for bid on eBay.

byEvan Yates|
10 Black Rigs to Buy This Black Friday



Current Price: $75,000

eBay Item Number: 322334470512

Why I’d Buy: The price on these Defenders are destined to increase now that they’re officially out of production. This particular Rover has been completely restored and has only 49k miles on the clock. On top of all the overlanding equipment, the interior is plush with diamond-stitched leather and suede seating. And it has some sick ropes!


Current Price: $28,950.00

eBay Item Number: 302140759360

Why I’d Buy: Having built a second-generation C-10, it’s obvious how much work and cash went into this truck. The stance is perfect and it sits on my favorite wheels for C-10s; the American Racing Salt Flats. This Chevy also has a Vintage Air A/C system, billet accessories and a custom microfiber interior. At under $30k, this is a steal!

2016 FORD F-150

Current Price: $85,900.00

eBay Item Number: 332038044341

Why I’d Buy: This particular truck would probably piss off a lot of Ford owners which is my number one reason I’m interested. I’m kidding – kind of. The fact that whoever built this dared to dub it the “Raptor Black Edition” is comical but I respect the audacity. The description is calling the exterior coating, “Kevlar” but I’m pretty sure it’s Line-X. Whatever you want to call it, this F150 is LOADED. Some of the additions include a Kicker sound system, Fab Fours bumper, RK Sport hood, Bushwacker fender flares, Pro Comp lift and 22-inch Fuel wheels on 37-inch Nitto tires. I doubt it’ll sell for $90k but I’m sure there’s almost that much in it.  


Current Price: $27,995.00

eBay Item Number: 262351575423

Why I’d Buy: The only way I could see myself buying a Wrangler would be if it were legitimately built for the trails. I’d only need two doors and would hope for as much power as possible which makes this 2008 Wrangler an ideal selection. The Jeep has a Vortech supercharger under the hood, heavy duty bumpers and 37-inch Toyo tires. Sold!


Current Price: $59,579.00

eBay Item Number: 131999671329

Why I’d Buy: The SVT Raptor has always been a truck that I’ve admired from afar. I’ve never been a Ford guy so this particular vehicle just hasn’t been on the radar for me. However, the Raptor is an amazing ride with a 6.2L V8 and all the suspension upgrades from the factory to make for an extremely capable truck. This particular 2014 has headrest DVDs, 35-inch Mickey Thompson tires and only 8900 miles!

2015 GMC SIERRA 2500HD

Current Price: $67,000.00

eBay Item Number: 332040379647

Why I’d Buy: Because I currently own a 2015 Sierra 1500 that’s simply leveled on 33-inch tires, when I see a vehicle that’s basically the big brother to my rig it certainly grabs my attention. This HD has a nine-inch lift kit, bed topper and 22-inch American Force wheels on 38-inch Nitto tires. GOALS.


Current Price: $35,899.00

eBay Item Number: 182362174252

Why I’d Buy: This 4Runner is certainly equipped for an overland expedition. It features an ARB front bumper, roof rack and 33-inch tires among other upgrades. On top of that, it’s a Limited which means you get leather seats and navigation. Best of both worlds!

2006 HUMMER H1

Current Price: $199,950.00

eBay Item Number: 201720377672

Why I’d Buy: This H1 has just about every possible addition imaginable. With a 6.6L Duramax diesel conversion, custom interior and 17k miles on the clock, this Hummer will certainly bring in big bucks. It’s nothing I can afford but for somebody with the cash, this may be the ticket.


Current Price: $32,500.00

eBay Item Number: 322332608530

Why I’d Buy: Static-dropped via CPP suspension on 20-inch wheels, this K5 is the ultimate summer cruiser. There’s just something unique about a lowered Blazer with the top off compared to typical classic convertibles. 

1967 GMC K-15 4x4

Current Price: $22,500.00

eBay Item Number: 282264353144

Why I’d Buy: With a reworked 350 under the hood and all the necessary suspension components, this GMC is exactly what you’d want in a lifted classic truck. Typically, restored vintage rigs are slammed to the ground so this rare GMC would certainly stick out in a crowd. 

Interested in any of these rigs? Head over to eBay today!