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Florida Man Races Ford Mustang Around Active Runway, Does Donuts in Hangar

At least this Mustang incident didn't involve a Cars and Coffee meetup.

Have you ever broke into an airport in Grand Theft Auto and done donuts on an active runway? It’s not really advised to do that in real life, but that didn’t stop a Florida man from trying it at Pensacola International Airport.

According to a Fox News report, Florida police arrested Zane Alexander Carlson on Jan. 30 after he broke through a fence with his Ford Mustang and then drove down the airstrip at approximately 100 miles per hour. After that, he did donuts in the grass near the runway before driving into a hangar and proceeding to do donuts there until police arrived.

Police don’t believe alcohol was involved, which makes us wonder even more what’s in the water down there? Police think that he “just felt like driving down a runway,” according to Mike Wood of the Pensacola Police Department. They have also ruled out terrorism as a motive. He is, however, very much in jail.

He was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and criminal mischief for the stunt.

Luckily there were no planes taking off or landing at the time, and Carlson’s antics caused no disruption in air traffic.

In the grand scheme of Florida Man stunts, this one sorta makes sense to us. Who hasn’t thought about driving quickly down a runway in their car? Some of us actually have done that—a closed runway at the time—for the purpose of “work.” While we certainly can’t condone this behavior, it’s at least more understandable than throwing an alligator through a drive-thru window.

Also, more importantly, what exactly is in the water down there in Florida?