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Jeep Driver Arrested After Doing Donuts in Public Park to ‘Impress Female Passenger’

It's a Jeep thang.

It’s scientific fact that a young man’s propensity to drive recklessly and generally act a fool increases tenfold when a young woman he’s interested in is nearby. Case in point: Police in Battle Creek, Michigan arrested a 23-year-old man after he was caught “spinning in circles” while driving a Jeep in a deeply misguided attempt to impress a date

Because nothing attracts women like driving in circles and a little destruction of public property.

From the Battle Creek Enquirer, police were reportedly patrolling Battle Creek’s Irving Park around 3 a.m. when they came across the Jeep making circles on the park’s grass. After being stopped, the driver told officers he had already “made about eight passes through the park” and the stunt was him “trying to impress his 23-year-old female passenger.”

He apparently dealt $300 worth of damage to the park grounds, was charged with malicious destruction of property, and was taken to Calhoun County jail.

Bar renting a Lambo to wildly mislead them about your financial situation, the best way of impressing a mate with your car, in my experience, is to keep it clean. No one likes to sit in a car filled with old coffee cups and sandwich wrappers…or caked in mud from stupidly doing donuts at the local park.

In other donut-related news, a young Florida man was arrested earlier this year after breaking onto the active runway at Pensacola International Airport and doing donuts on the grass and in a hangar in his Ford Mustang. No starry-eyed damsels were reported to have been involved in that one.