See 2018 Off in Smoke With This 727-Horsepower Honda Odyssey Burnout

Nothing says "holiday spirit" like strapping a lit Christmas tree to the top of a van doing a wonderfully smoky third gear burnout.

Good riddance, 2018. I really don’t have any good words to send this garbage year off, so I’ll let the BoostedBoiz smoke it out instead with their completely insane 727-horsepower Honda Odyssey minivan. 

(Van time starts around 4:50.)

The BoostedBoiz were in a festive mood on Christmas Eve, so they strapped a last-minute-purchase lighted tree to the roof for good measure. There isn’t any place to plug it in anymore, so they’ve sketchily hooked a pair of jumper cables to the tree’s plug. That’s fine, I guess? Sure, whatever. 

He’s even going easy on the van as he’s trying to save the transmission but still manages to smoke the meats on this ultra-boosted minivan all the way up to third gear to break in their new shop site the right way. 

Who knew Mom’s old van could become the sultan of shred? Engine Swap Depot has the full build details for the curious, but they’ve swapped in a 2.2-liter H22 inline four from a Honda Prelude built and boosted up to 727 wheel horsepower using a GTX3582R turbocharger from eBay. It’s the ultimate sleeper, and I love it.