Hero Towing Jet Skis in Honda S2000 Proves Not Everyone Needs a Pickup Truck

This is what happens, naturally, when a pro race car driver decides to have a day of fun at the lake.

byChris Chin|
Honda News photo

With warm weather abound in the Northern Hemisphere, ‘tis the season for outdoor activities. A lot of the time, such recreational fun involves hauling or towing around toys, which typically necessitates the need for some sort of vehicle capable of such utility, like a pickup truck or an SUV. Though, what do you do if you don’t have either, yet, you love jet-skiing, own a wave runner, and when race car is life?

Well, you be like Robert Thorne, and you tow with said racecar.

Thorne is a professional race driver based out of Colorado who’s been making a name for himself as a major McLaren GT driver in the Pirelli World Challenge Series with K-PAX Racing and Flying Lizard Motorsport. Though on top of his career, Thorne loves to hoon around in his own personal and built-up Honda S2000, which he calls “The Big Bad Wolf.”

As it turns out, when Thorne isn’t out practicing or performing in the Pirelli World Challenge series, traveling the country for various motorsports events, or trying to show up his competitors at the local SCCA autocross, he likes to unwind out on the open waters with his wave runners. To show up the locals at his nearest watering hole, Thorne decided to use his impromptu tow pig and snap some photos before posting to social media.

Although his S2000 is clearly built for performance, Thorne also set out to prove that his Honda isn’t limited to track use.

Who says race cars can’t be practical?