New Generation of BMW 3-Series Reportedly Loses 121 Pounds

Confirmation may come at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, and we can’t wait.

byJames Gilboy|
BMW News photo


The next iteration of the BMW 3-series sedan will reportedly ditch a significant amount of weight.

This comes via BMW Blog, which claims an anonymous inside source promised at least 55 kilograms (121 pounds) of weight would disappear in transition from the current F30 generation of 3-series to the upcoming G20 generation. Some of this weight reduction could come from a possible carbon fiber roof, allegedly spotted on a 3-series test mule in late 2017. 

If this weight reduction manifests as reported on the new 3-series, a base manual 320i could come in below 3,200 pounds (as opposed to the current car's 3,320), while the 340i xDrive (the heaviest 3-series variant) could limbo under 3,750, today's model is 3,858 according to BMW.

The G20 will reportedly debut this October at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, and sporting M variant is expected to arrive at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2019 along with that of its 4-series sister model. The Drive reached out to BMW for comment on these weight reduction claims, and we will update when we hear back.

Courtesy of the performance and economy increases that it brings, weight reduction could be an avenue to improved residual value, as a new BMW 3-series tends to lose an average of 49.8 percent of its value over three years of ownership since new. The 5-series performs even more poorly, however, typically losing 52.6 percent of its value within the same period. BMW is only one of two manufacturers to have two appearances in the bottom ten, so it may need to look into ways to keep its cars' values up.

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