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BMW M3 Wagon Is a Real Possibility for the Next-Generation 3 Series

A BMW M3 Touring could finally happen, but would it ever reach American shores? Probably not.

A wagon variant of the BMW M3 is reportedly being considered by officials within the Bavarian automaker. An article from Autocar suggests that BMW needs something to pit against cars like the Audi RS4 Avant and Mercedes AMG C63 Estate, and per inside sources, a flagship 3 Series performance version could serve the role perfectly.

Many believe that now seems like the right time for BMW to offer up a wagon variant of the M3 as similar models are experiencing excellent reception around the world. Back at the beginning of the millennia, BMW had toyed with the same idea of producing a Touring version of the M3; it even went as far as to produce a concept of the vision. The experiment was evidently a success since tacking on M-parts wasn’t much trouble for the automaker, but it mysteriously never came to fruition. 

The major doorstop in okaying this project is almost certainly sales figures. The question remains: can a wagon variant of the M3 provide the necessary volume to support production? As mentioned above, tacking on M3 specific parts to the G21 Touring wouldn’t mean much more than just using the same parts from the sedan, and the minor amount extra time and money in development seems negligible—at least on the surface. The featured rendering by graphic artist Andrei Nedelea shows it’s potentially handsome looks, and performance is a shoo-in given the standard M3’s potent turbocharged inline-six.

So, in theory, it would only make sense for an M3 Touring to be in the works, which supports the legitimacy that it’s being considered. However, the bad news is, it almost certainly wouldn’t make its way into the North American market.