Video: Wannabe Drifter Smashes E36 BMW M3 Into Parked MKIV Toyota Supra

This isn’t the Toyota-BMW mash-up we were looking for, not by a long shot.

byChris Tsui|
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We've gotten pretty used to seeing amateur video of Toyota-BMW mash-ups over the past few months thanks to the return of the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4, but nothing quite as literal as this—thankfully.

Today's deeply unfortunate car video brings us an E36-generation BMW M3 that can be seen drifting its way around a corner at an industrial park just a little too hot, ultimately losing control and violently smashing into a parked MKIV Toyota Supra. 

According to the person who captured the footage, he was in the in the middle of shooting the M3 for some kind of commercial, presumably for a shop in Richmond, British Columbia, or perhaps the sale of the BMW itself, when disaster struck. In any case, we highly doubt that destroying the BMW, as well as a legendary right-hand-drive Toyota, was on the agenda. On the bright side, nobody was seriously hurt.

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From the video's description: "Everyone involved in the accident was safe from serious injury. We were filming a steady shot of a built E36 M3 driving through frame when the driver lost control and smashed into a parked RHD Mark IV Toyota Supra." A Supra that turns out to be a customer car. 

It's unclear if either vehicle featured on this video belonged to their respective drivers, or if these were "borrowed" from said shop and driven irresponsibly without authorization. Most of the video consists of everybody involved—with their faces pixelated and voices disguised—speechlessly basking in the E36 driver's colossal screw-up. In any case, lovers of rare, '90s sports coupes with weak stomachs may want to look away. Everybody else, prepare to cringe hard.

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