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Someone Just Paid $150K for Paul Walker’s 1991 BMW M3

The seller claims it was taken off the actor's hands just a week before his death.

Even without a celebrity as a former owner, a well-maintained E30 BMW M3 with low miles would fetch some pretty big bucks. Add Brian O’Conner himself to the vehicle’s ownership history and we’re looking at a decent bump in both desirability and price. Case in point: a 1991 M3 formerly owned by Paul Walker just sold for almost $150,000.

As a reference, Hagerty is listing average 1991 M3s at $56,000 while Concours-grade examples typically go for $139,000.

First spotted on eBay, this red E30 has 13,248 miles on the odometer, all original paint, and a clean Carfax. It sits on 16-inch Evo wheels but comes with the original 15 inchers. Its main selling point, though? It was once part of late Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker’s personal collection as confirmed by seller Reserve Auto Group via pictures of it sitting in Walker’s garage allegedly taken by “one of [Paul’s] associates.”

The Texas exotic auto dealer also confirmed to The Drive that the car already sold for its list price of $149,980 and that the former owner originally acquired it from Walker just a week before his untimely death back in 2013.

In addition to starring in Hollywood’s biggest car-centric franchise, Walker was a prolific car collector in real life. Among other things, the actor had a soft spot for old M3s. Back in January, 21 of his vehicles crossed the Barrett-Jackson auction block including two other E30s and five (!) E36 Lightweights.

Made from 1986 to 1991, the original BMW M3 is a very different animal compared to its modern descendants, coming exclusively with four cylinders, two doors, and a five-speed manual. They’re cool pieces of automotive history no matter their condition or who the previous owner was.

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