Next-Gen BMW M3, M4 May Have Nearly 500 Horsepower: Report

Some variants could even surpass the 500-hp mark.

byJames Gilboy|
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BMW is reportedly planning to give its next-generation mid-tier M cars a substantial horsepower boost, with some variants of these cars breaking the 500 mark.

This power will reportedly come from a new inline-six codenamed S58, a more powerful take on the company's B58, as used in cars like the new Z4. Autocar reports that run-of-the-mill S58s will produce 473 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque, or 48 horses more than the current S55-powered M3 and M4.

"It is, for all intents and purposes, an all-new drivetrain with significant changes to the base engine that allow it to rev beyond 7,000 rpm and deliver a much higher specific output," a BMW M official reportedly told the publication.

BMW will reportedly achieve this power output by lengthening the engine's stroke but lowering compression, allowing the 3.0-liter unit significantly increased power density. Variants of the S58 are reported to power the M3, M4, X3 M, X4 M, and even an updated M2, though detuned in this application.

First among BMW's vehicles to use the S58 will reportedly be an M4 "Gran Coupe" sedan, following which will be a classical M4 coupe, convertible, and an M3 sedan. Per the above, standard output for the M4 will be 473 horsepower, reportedly through a torque converter automatic transmission to all wheels via the company's xDrive system, in the same vein as the current M5. BMW is allegedly playing with making a cheaper, rear-wheel-drive, manual-only version as well.

BMW is reported to be planning a breakthrough of the 500 horsepower mark with the M4 Competition, which is said to produce 502 horsepower without using the water injection system found on the current-gen M4 GTS, with its 493 horsepower. Water injection could reportedly return to the M4 on a successor to the M4 CS or GTS, the latter of which would be named the M4 CSL in keeping with BMW's updated name scheme.

The powered-up new generation of M3 and M4 is reported to be "due" in 2020, though sadly, whether that means an announcement or showroom arrival was not specified.

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