Finally, a Supercut of G-Wagens Crashing Into Stuff

Every bit as entertaining as you’d expect.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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When it comes to the disparity between how tough a vehicle is compared with how tough it needs to be, nothing on sale today can compare with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Its become the de facto choice for the Veblen set, a pilates chariot and pet shopper schlepper of the highest order. Still, beneath the heated and cooled leather seats, the burled walnut-wrapped steering wheel, and the 12-speaker stereo, it’s still a battle-ready brute.

See: This supercut of G-Wagen crashes—hailing, of course, from Russia, and thus captured via dash and security cams. They flip, they hop, they skid, they crawl, and don’t look much worse for the wear. The compilation might better be described as videos of other objects bouncing off Geländewagens. Ramming compact cars out of the way? Easy as pie. Taking out a street light? No problem. T-boning a car while drag racing at 80 miles an hour? Well, hard to tell, but it looks pretty good in the handful of frames of footage captured post-crash. This entire clip is gold.

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