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2025 Chevy Equinox Activ Is Gunning for the Toyota RAV4 TRD Crowd

It copies Toyota's recipe, even down to the two-tone, white-roof option.

Chevrolet just unveiled the new 2025 Equinox, the fourth generation of the compact SUV. Typical of any new model, it’s snazzier looking than before, and has more tech, a nicer interior, and some new trim levels. Interestingly, one of those new trims, the Chevy Equinox Activ, seems to have its eyes set squarely on the Toyota RAV4 TRD Off Road, as Chevy seems to have copied Toyota’s recipe, even down to the two-tone color scheme.

To be fair to Chevy, almost every compact-to-midsize crossover manufacturer has some sort of “active lifestyle” trim that makes customers feel more outdoorsy than they really are. So it’s hard to blame Chevy for jumping on board, especially when the TRD Off Road is as popular among the RAV4 community as it is. But maybe it could have been more subtle about its mimicry.


The only major mechanical difference between the Chevy Equinox Activ and the standard Equinox is its addition of all-terrain tires, wrapped around 17-inch trim-specific wheels. The rest is just for show, such as the “rugged” front fascia, gray-metallic accents, black badging, the delicious-sounding Maple Sugar and Black interior, and of course “ACTIV” badging on the headrests. Opting for this Equinox also ticks the heated front seats and steering wheel boxes automatically.

Like the RAV4 TRD, the Equinox Activ also touts a two-tone paint scheme, thanks to an optional white roof. However, Chevy does beat Toyota on the amount of two-tone color options available, as Toyota only offers three (gray, blue, and green with white) but Chevy offers five (black, gray, green, blue, and red with white).

Unchanged is the Equinox Activ’s powertrain, though. It still comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, pumping out 175 horsepower and either 184 lb-ft of torque (front-wheel drive) or 203 lb-ft (all-wheel drive). If you stick with front-wheel drive, you get a CVT, but if you opt for all-wheel drive, you get an eight-speed automatic. The Activ does come with some driving modes (along with the RS trim): Normal and Snow for front-drive models and Off-Road for all-wheel drive models.

This is a familiar recipe for almost all small-ish crossovers, as adding semi-rugged looks makes them more appealing to many customers. However, it is interesting to see Chevy almost copy-and-paste Toyota’s RAV4 TRD recipe, even down to the two-tone white roof option. If I were a betting man, I’d say it’ll work out well for both brands, though.

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