Toyota RAV4 Gets Brawny Makeover In Rugged Tokyo Auto Salon Build

The Toyota crossover sheds its school uniform to wear the clothes of an off-road brawler.

If you’ve ever thought the Toyota RAV4 didn’t look badass enough, Kuhl Racing’s build for the Tokyo Auto Salon fixes that rather nicely.

The VRARVA Mars, as it is known, is a complete cosmetic reworking of Toyota’s popular mid-sized SUV. Inspired by military hardware, the angular and aggressive design is reminiscent of vehicles like the Rezvani Tank.

The body kit completely reworks the front end, featuring a new black lower bumper, and a redesigned grille. It also includes new front fenders to match with bulky rectangular pumped guards, and a replacement hood. Other touches include overpanels mounted on the doors to provide a mild widebody look, and a black wrap climbing up the sills to the lower doors.

The rear hasn’t been spared from the futuristic beefcake treatment, either. The new rear bumper looks suitably modern, and there’s a huge set of fender flares with a vent at the back, presumably solely for the visual flair. The bodywork looks particularly sharp paired with the black 17-inch Vrarva DW wheels, wearing brawny Dunlop Grantrek AT5 off-road tires. A set of BLITZ coilovers add a two-inch lift for a better stance. Inside, a set of new floormats and seat covers help complete the theme.

The build was well received at Tokyo Auto Salon, netting Kuhl Racing the Grand Prize for the International Custom Car Contest. If you desire a VRARVA Mars of your very own, Kuhl Racing will sell you a complete build based on a new front-wheel-drive RAV 4 for 4,290,000 yen, or roughly $33,400 USD. The company will also gladly build the car based on higher-end AWD models if so desired.

Alternatively, the body kit can be purchased for approximately $16,700 USD, including painting and installation. Expect to pay a different price if you want the parts delivered outside of Japan.

The VRARVA Mars looks like a hardcore off-roader, even if the RAV4 really isn’t. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from buying the bodykit and then building a more capable RAV4 with further modifications. Given the aggressive aesthetic, you’d be sure to draw more than a few eyes out on the trail behind the wheel of such a machine.

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