HyperCar Development is Building the Ultimate Motorsport McLarens

The Charlotte tuning shop can significantly up the performance game of any McLaren V8.

byTalon Homer|
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The outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina are home to maybe the largest concentration of custom car shops in the country. One of these shops in HyperCar Development and for the past few years it's been at the forefront of extracting power from the current McLaren lineup.

HyperCar's team of engineers and technicians saw the performance potential of the McLarens' 3.8-liter V8, as well as a market of owners that wanted a more extreme driving experience than the factory could provide. So, they came up with a variety of custom packages that can be installed on everything from the MP4-12C, to the 720S. HyperCar has also partnered with a shop in Los Angeles. This allows the team to fly out and install parts for customers on the west coast.

The most basic package offered up is known as the Hyper800 and it runs for about $35,000. Before modification, HyperCar starts every job with a thorough inspection, ensuring that the McLaren can safely handle a boost in power. The 800 package starts with a custom tune guaranteeing more than 800 horsepower. This tune is integrated into the factory engine control unit so that all of the stock electronics work as designed and the car can easily be serviced at any McLaren dealer. A lightweight inconel exhaust is then added. Inconel is a nickel alloy often used in aerospace applications for its ability to retain strength in extreme heat. The car's cooling system also gets a big upgrade from the radiator to intercoolers, and extra heat shielding is added to the engine bay.

Putting out more than 1000 horsepower requires more drastic changes. The Hyper1000 package requires a complete engine rebuild, everything from forged pistons, to resleeved cylinder walls, and high performance valve springs. The drivetrain is also beefed up with the clutch, differential, and CV axles all getting replaced. The forced induction system is also completely redesigned, getting brand new Precision Turbos, blow-off valves, and an external wastegate. The Hyper1000 package will set the customer back a healthy $115,000

HyperCar's creme de la creme is the Hyper1200, which combines all the previous upgrades featuring a unique turbo system. The Hyper1200 has a smaller third turbo that feeds into the other two, eliminating the lag that comes with many big-turbo applications. According to HyperCar engineers, there is more than 40 pounds of boost going into the engine when all three turbos are spooled. The package also comes with aluminum wheels that are up to 79 pounds lighter than the original equipment manufacturer set. This is all for $135,000.

All HyperCar custom exhausts and engine components are designed on-site, then supplied by local machine shops in Charlotte. The engineers claim that they typically take about three weeks to install modifications. These cars aren't just straight-line monsters, either. HyperCar actively tests its packages on road courses, and will install track-focused upgrades like roll cages. It also designs and installs replacement carbon fiber body panels. HyperCar offers appearance upgrades that can effectively give an MP4 the look of a P1, or 675LT.

The next step for HyperCar Development is to upgrade the 3.5-liter V6 found in the Ford Raptor. It's produced a package that bumps the truck up to 400 all-wheel horsepower. That comes at the comparative bargain price of $7,499. HyperCar is also offering up carbon fiber wide-body fenders for the Raptor.

By focusing on the niche of modern McLarens, HyperCar Development was able to stake its claim in the already competitive Charlotte tuning scene. It will definitely be interesting to see what lies ahead, and what wacky car it will build next.

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