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What’s Your Ideal Garage Setup?

Is it marble flooring, a Koi pond, and 500-foot-high lifts? Do tell!
Andrew P. Collins

I’ve lately been infatuated with the prospect of nursing a cheap B5 Audi S4 or E34 BMW 5 Series back to health, but in my current one-car circumstance, it simply isn’t possible. I don’t have the space or the equipment I’d need for such an involved project, so dreams of more cars quickly turn into dreams of a bigger garage. I’ve wasted too many minutes thinking of how I’d outfit my ideal garage setup, and I often marvel at other gearheads’ ideas.

My aspirations aren’t too grandiose. No Koi pond, brick pizza oven, or pants steamer here. Why would there be a pants steamer, you ask? Because why not? Anything is possible in a dream garage.

For me, it’d be marvelous to have a spacious two-car garage with a high ceiling to fit one four-post lift, plus my tall self comfortably underneath it. I’d then have a workbench against the far wall that spans its entire length, with enough Snap-On cabinets above and underneath to fit everything I’d ever need to wrench on any Japanese, European, or American car. I’d skip air tools and instead have a full range of battery-operated Milwaukee fare, with ample plugs available to easily accommodate a bunch of chargers.

dream garage setup
Peter Nelson

I’d also have overhead LED lighting, as well as space in the other port to fit another car, plus a couch and full-size refrigerator. Somewhere, either in the middle between the two ports, or shoehorned into the workbench, I’d have a welding table on wheels, plus a quality MIG/TIG welder, with the correct electrical service and plug to accommodate it. To finish it all off, I’d have a decent LCD TV on the wall, air conditioning, and enough insulation so that I’m not making a negative impression on the neighborhood youths when I’m dealing with a stuck bolt and getting really creative with expletives. And that’s it. Nothing over the top, just the perfect setup for comfortable wrenching.

Let’s hear how you would assemble your very own dream-wrenching emporium!