Iowa Home’s Glass Garage Brings New Meaning to ‘Open Concept’ Design

The seller's cars in the garage are likely worth double the house.

At first glance, this Urbandale, Iowa home for sale looks like any other modern home in new, suburban developments. With its vertical siding and a color palette like a domino piece, it’s the sort of turn-key home that looks like it was designed by an HGTV AI image generator. However, it has a rather unusual twist inside, one that might make car nerds double-take—an interior glass wall separating the garage and the house.

Garage display walls aren’t that unusual among rich car owners, who want to look at their prized possessions while enjoying their morning espresso. However, those sorts of garage displays are typically seen in multi-million dollar homes that look like the secret lairs of eccentric tech-moguls, not $500,000 cookie-cutter houses in suburban Iowa.

What makes this listing even stranger is the fact that the seller still has their cars inside and they’re … unexpected. One is a Lamborghini Urus that looks red in some photos but black in others, leading me to believe it has a two-tone color scheme, split right down the middle. The other is a pink Rolls-Royce Ghost that’s lowered on massive pink wheels. When new, the Ghost on its own likely cost almost as much as the house is currently listed for. Together, with its Lamborghini sidekick, the car combo is worth almost double the house’s listing price. And then there’s the Lamborghini Huracan that makes an appearance in the driveway in a couple of photos, just in case you failed to pick up that the sellers are rich.

That wealth doesn’t come with a ton of taste, though. If you’re going to have a glass display wall for your garage for all of your guests to see, why not make the inside of the garage interesting looking? Instead, the garage interior is just white, with a tile floor that looks like it’s made from liquified Dalmatians.


The rest of the house is fine. It’s a nice, modern house with a typically neutral color scheme to attract a wide variety of buyers. The all-black basement movie theater looks like Patrick Bateman designed it, but that can be easily remedied. It’s the garage, which seems incredibly out of place in this home, and the cars that inhabit it that are baffling. In fairness, though, I’d really like to have a glass garage wall in my house, as long as I had the means to fill said garage with interesting cars. If you’re an enthusiast who can, this house presents a unique opportunity. Just please add a few more colors to the palette.

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