Save $100 on a Set of Cooper Discoverer Rugged Treks at Tire Rack

Tires aren't the only extras for your truck that are on sale today.
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It’s hard to turn your back on your truck, even with fuel prices hitting record highs. That pickup isn’t getting any less thirsty, just more expensive to keep on the road. That doesn’t mean you have to use all your cash exclusively for fuel, though. Luckily, you’ve got The Drive to help you track down bargains on truck accessories. 

All of the healthy discounts we found today are on Amazon except for one. You can save $100 on a set of Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek tires at Tire Rack. How could you go wrong with that? 

The deals at Amazon are pretty killer too. There are plenty of work items, such as an RDS 60-gallon fuel tank and an ESP under-seat lock box on sale today. You can also save a little as you splurge on some good old-fashioned fun with a Hi-Lift jack and off-road base if you decide to tackle the great outdoors.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of love to show your truck, but check out this list for more accessories. 

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