What’s Your Favorite Car Memory of 2021?

Take a look in the rearview mirror and chime in.

Despite many of us being understandably eager to move forward and get on with 2022, the holidays are a good time to slow down and reflect on the year that just passed. So why not focus on the positives? And even though I’m sure many great things were accomplished outside the realm of automobiles, we mostly want to chat about car-related things. So with that said, what’s your favorite car-related memory of 2021?

Did you score an unusually good deal on that shiny new (or new to you) thing in the garage? Did semi-lockdown allow you to finally get around to finishing up that project car? Or maybe you went for a road trip or a track day and met some cool people along the way. Or perhaps you’re just glad things eased up enough virus-wise so that you were able to catch that ninth Fast & Furious movie in an indoor movie theater. 

Jerry Perez

For myself, it’s been an eventful



car-wise (and it’s never lost on me how fortunate I am to do what I do for a living) but a standout experience of 2021 would probably be getting to fling the new Subaru BRZ around the magnificent Lime Rock Park race track. Beyond getting to huck a brand new sports car around a track on somebody else’s dime, this one felt special because it happened to be the first event of its kind I got to attend after a 17-month, pandemic-induced hiatus. 

Now it’s your turn. 

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