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Save Big on Fuel Shark and Shout “Great Scott” with More Deals

Strap in because we've got the good ones.

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It’s Friday, the greatest day of the week. You’ve got only a few hours standing between you and the weekend, and the weather is finally taking a step in the right direction. Can life actually get any better? Yes, it can. Today, we were able to find an unprecedented amount of must-have car products on sale, so much so that we need to jump right into the list to save on word count. 

[Editor’s note: Look at the date.]

Exhaust Whistle
AutoE Car Turbo Sound Whistle, Amazon

We rarely get to cover speed parts in this segment. Not because we don’t like them, but because the good stuff hardly goes on sale. That all changes today. The AutoE Car Turbo Sound Whistle is going for just $9.99 on Amazon. This might not add any real power, but it does go “Woo wooooo!” 

GSZE 2.5-Inch F1-Z Turbonator, Amazon

If you are interested in juicing up that ride, you might consider combining the previous mod with the GSZE 2.5-Inch F1-Z Turbonator. This simple device pops into your existing intake system, giving it turbine power to give that engine more of a fighting edge. The science is simple. This device enhances the amount of air entering the engine by increasing the volume with the turbine. More air means more power and improved efficiency. It’s not on sale, but everything it brings to the table makes for a deal that’s too good to ignore. 

Fuel Shark
Fuel Shark, Amazon

Speaking of efficiency, today, you can snag  Toklyuie Fuel Shark for $8.99 on Amazon. No, this isn’t on sale either, but it’s still a hot deal because that price includes two. These handy little bad boys pop right into the existing 12-volt outlet in your car to tap into the computer and make improvements across the board. Fuel efficiency gains may be the claim to fame, but this device can absolutely speed up engine parts and even improve braking! It really can’t get any better than that for less than $10.

Headlight Eyelashes
Headlight Eyelashes, Amazon

It’s not all about speed. Sometimes you gotta look good too. Not to worry, our deals team thought of that. Amazon is letting some sweet Headlight Eyelashes fly for just $32.99 today. That’s a third of what you’d pay for a decent jacket to make yourself look dapper. Not only that, but these pop on in just a few seconds, making us wonder why we’re not seeing them all over the road.

Bacon Air Fresheners, Amazon

You’ve got to match the smell to the looks to give folks the sensory overload they crave every time they hop in your car. Thankfully, you can snag the Bacon Air Fresheners for $5.33 at Amazon. The only thing better would be riding around with my fellow commerce reporter and Deals nut, Robert Bacon. He’s not as easy to pin down, though, and certainly isn’t going for 36 percent off. 

It's a real thing
Blinker Fluid, Amazon

As we get close to the end of my ramblings, it’s time to remind you all that spring is upon us, and you’re due for service. No, not just on the performance parts. Safety is important, too, and you should make sure all of your exterior bulbs are in working order and topped off with the right fluids. Amazon is making some of that easier by letting Blinker Fluid go for just $8.95. 

A handful of sockets all in one!, Amazon

A must-have we came across for today’s deal post is the Hanpure Universal Socket. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a single socket that covers 7- to 19-mm fasteners thanks to the use of chromoly steel spring pins that definitely, certainly, assuredly will grip onto whatever you’re trying to pull. Not sold? It even comes with a quarter-inch shank for use with drills, and you can grab it for just $12.74 at Amazon. 

Great Scott!
Flux Capacitor , Amazon

We saved the best for last. If you want to take things to the next level, you need to scoop up a Flux Capacitor, which can be yours for just $49.99 at Amazon. This simple bolt-on mod gives you the means to travel through space and time at your will. As long as your ride can reach 88 mph, you can meet any president, dinosaur, and historical figure you please. Stock is limited, though, so you need to act fast. 

OK, fun’s over. Time for the real deals. As usual, they are listed here, and there really are some hot ones you’re not going to want to miss.