Gearhead Deals: How To Get 40,000 Miles Worth Of Synthetic Oil Changes For Only $40

If you're the type of person who does their own oil changes, this deal is one for the ages. 


Ask yourself:

  1. Am I comfortable with changing my own oil?
  2. Can I stand not having it changed for 1 year or 20,000 miles?

Then take an even deeper breath, give it a moment and be brutally honest with yourself. Ask yourself this one final question.

Would I be willing to jump through three rebate hoops in the pursuit of that goal?

If you're that unique do-it-yourself guy who can play the rebate game, then Mobil 1 has a killer deal out there. This is how it works. 

Go to Walmart and buy the following:

2  Five quart jugs of Mobil 1 Annual Protection For $79.94
2  Mobil 1 Extreme Protection Filters $19.94

Pre-tax Total $99.88

You will be eligible for three rebates until the end of October.

Two $17 Mobil 1 Rebates $34.00
One $10 Walmart Card $10.00
Two Ibotta Online Coupons $6.00

Net Deductions $50.00

Your total pre-tax cost $49.98, or $24.98 per oil change every year or 20,000 miles 

If you're new to Ibotta, they will also  add an extra $10 welcome bonus which brings your net cost down to $19,98 per oil change. This welcome bonus is good for 14 days once you download the app.

If you don't like Walmart, Mobil 1 will also honor the $17 rebate with every retail seller with the exception of Amazon. You can contact 1-866-895-9127 from 7 AM to 7 PM today or 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday to verify this as well.

For those of us who do tons of driving, this deal offers up to $60 in rebates and a bottom dollar cost of just $10 (plus tax) for every 10,000 miles.