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You Can Park Your Porsche in This Porsche (and Live in it Too)

Snuggle up next to your hypercar at this Stuttgart-designed South Florida palace in the sky.

See the Porsche Design Tower on /DRIVE on NBC Sports: Miami Vices, Thursday, October 19 @ 10:30 pm ET on NBCSN.

You’re a billionaire with a weakness for pink sands, art deco, and humidity. You’re in the market for a luxurious, high-rise condo in the $6 million to $40 million range. Trouble is, you love your sports cars so much you can’t be away from them, even for a night. Boy, do we have the place for you.

It’s the Porsche Design Tower, a residential skyscraper in Sunny Isles Beach, just north of Bal Harbor. It’s 641 feet tall, comprises 60 stories, and best of all, if you lived here, you could ride the elevator right up to your apartment without leaving your car.

Indeed, the tower, built by Miami developer Dezer Properties, has three glass-lined car lifts and a proprietary robotic parking system called the “Dezervator.” Cars are scanned into the system at ground level. Each car is rolled onto a turntable, which aligns with one of the three lifts. A robotic arm pulls the car inside and it’s sent on its way. 

Residents can either ride up with their cars, or let the automated clockworks handle the whole transaction alone. When a car arrives at a resident’s floor, it’s placed gingerly into its parking spot, given a cup of warm 93 octane (and a top-off charge for the battery), and sent to bed. Or something like that.

The tower has 284 parking spaces for 132 units, with apartments accommodating two or four cars per unit. Two penthouses, at $32 million each, can accommodate 11 cars each. Other amenities include a private yoga studio, hair salon, movie theater, private restaurant, and even a full-immersion Gran Turismo video game simulator.

Porsche Design Group, a recent entry in the skyscraper game, was founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of founder Ferdinand Porsche. A similar Porsche Design Tower will open in Frankfurt, Germany in 2018.