Now You Can Build Your Own Porsche-Designed Megayacht Online

All the fun of Porsche’s online car configurator, now available in nautical form.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Porsche News photo

For those of us who list after Porsche's sports cars but lack the funds to park one in our driveway, there's a certain amount of solace to be found in the joys of the Porsche online car configurator. There, we can spend hours picking through the thousands of trims, colors, materials, and other options available in the German carmaker's catalog, designing the perfect 911 or Cayman for the day when we finally score that big promotion. 

Well, now you can translate that same thrill to the world of boats, thanks to the handy-dandy online configurator for Dynamiq Yachts's Porsche-designed GTT 115 megayacht.

The 115-foot-long ship is a floating homage to Porsche's road cars of the past, present, and future; the vertical dividing elements in the windows are deigned to pay homage to the 911 Targa, while the transom alludes to the Mission E concept car. Among the yacht's paint palette are four colors that may be familiar to frequent users of Porsche's car configurator: Rhodium Silver, Carrara White, Monte Carlo Blue, and Chalk. And classic 911-style Hounsdtooth trim can be selected for the upholstery, if your taste in yachts goes a little retro. 

The Dynamiq yacht configurator should look pretty familiar to car fans...except for the prices. , Dynamiq

In addition, the GTT 115 configurator boasts a few other options that seem aimed at hooking the interest of automotive-minded boaters. The ship offers a Sport Package that adds carbon fiber trim and, oddly enough, exercise equipment. And as you'd expect with a Porsche, the ship includes plenty of other high-end options, like a Bowers & Wilkins stereo, underwater lights, and—we kid you not—a "disco package" that includes a pair of 75-inch Samsung TVs and a disco ball. 

The GTT 115 may not rival a 911 Turbo S in terms of performance, but it's no slouch, either. A pair of counter-rotating propellor pods mounted in the stern connected to twin V12 engines making 1,627 horsepower each allow the 198-ton yacht to blast along at a top speed of 21 knots; dial things back to 10 knots, however, and the GTT 115 can go 3,400 nautical miles on a tank of fuel—nearly enough to travel from New York City to Barcelona. And like the Panamera and the Cayenne (but most certainly not the 911), the GTT 115 is also available as a hybrid; an optional pair of 27-horsepower electric motor connected to the ship's generators enable it to putter along at 6 knots indefinitely in the sort of silence sure to earn an approving nod from Marko Ramius himself

Of course, like a Porsche, this ship isn't cheap—and the options rack up fast. The GTT 115 starts at €11,900,000 (about $13.4 million at today's exchange rates); go heavy on the options, though, and it's easy to push that up close to €14 million.