This Deceptively Aerodynamic RV Was Designed by a Porsche Legend and Now It Can Be Yours

Bruce Canepa and Co. helped form the upscale motorcoach, which also has a 500-hp Detroit Diesel engine.

byCaleb Jacobs|
For Sale photo

The crew at Canepa is known for its awe-inspiring Porsche restorations, earning notoriety as the top 959 supercar experts in America, if not the world. So what's the story with this 1991 motorcoach that was supposedly designed by that same firm, with a 500-horsepower engine tuned by Penske and over $350,000 invested in it?


As the RV's for-sale ad explains, MCI approached Canepa Designs—already known for its aero work with Kenworth and Peterbilt—to pen a road dog hauler for its most premium clients. This entailed raising the roof by six inches for extra clearance, installing a center door for ease of use, and fitting a custom body kit that cost more than $100,000 by the time it was all said and done. It's constructed of (relatively) lightweight composites aimed to direct airflow over and around the big rig, saving on fuel and maximizing speed.

It even touts modified air suspension to cut down on body roll; stability isn't the worst thing when you're driving a mid-six-figure luxo-barge.


The turbocharged Detroit Diesel engine was modded by Penske, who pumped output up to 500 horsepower with the torque figure likely doubling that. Power is sent to a tried-and-true Allison transmission, making this the closest thing to a roadgoing, six-wheeled rocket ship you'll find from the era.

Of course, there's more storage than any normal person would ever need. It was built to travel over 200 days a year, so believe when they say it's got everything and more in terms of space and livability potential.

Alas, with this being a near-completely bespoke project, only two were built—one for Roger Penske and the other for Bruce Canepa himself. The example in question is being sold by the latter, who claims to have never registered the motorcoach. It's supposedly under the manufacturer's state of origin and features a stripped interior, prepared for whatever type of conversion you can imagine.

No pricing is mentioned in the listing, which notes that you'll need to reach out to them directly for a dollar amount. Rest assured, it won't be cheap, but why would it be with design and tuning from the industry's elite?

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