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There’s a Porsche Boxster Under This Sci-Fi Car of the Future

Mike Vetter's ETV should be in movies. And you can have your own.

Remember those pod-like cars of “The Future” in movies? Florida custom-car builder Mike Vetter took all those cinematic visions of tomorrow’s automobile, grabbed a cast-off chassis, and created the Extraterrestrial Vehicle, or ETV.

The Drive recently checked out this attention-getting ETV, thanks to Miami Supercar Rooms. It’s one of eight created by Vetter, who designed and fabricated every part. Since devising the first ETV off the cuff nearly a decade ago, Mike has refined the design and built similar ETVs on the chassis of a Chevrolet Aveo, a Chevrolet Cobalt SS (including the supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder) and a Toyota Echo, among other cars. But there’s no such econobox under this particular ETV; it’s a Porsche Boxster. Vetter has also built an all-electric version of the road going oddity.

The ETV has remote-opening doors and a massive windshield that measures 4.5 feet wide by 5 feet long. Fun fact: It took Mike six years to find a company that could make the DOT safety glass to spec. He finally found a company in Peru that took the job.

There’s no rear window, so the ETV has outside cameras, along with two video monitors on the dash, which display a back-up view along with side ones f for parking. A full air suspension allows the ETV to be raised and lowered, which comes in handy for speed bumps and pulling into gas stations.

According to Vetter, an ETV can be registered, titled and insured like a regular car. In Florida, at least. One sold on eBay For $89,000.

Want one? Just ask.