Andrew P. Collins

Andrew P. Collins


Andrew’s been an off-road tour guide, car owner-operator-modifier, writer, and editor in the automotive media business for a long time. Previously Reviews Editor at Jalopnik and EIC of Car Bibles, now Editor-at-Large at The Drive. He's really into old trucks and tuner cars and tends to spend more time tinkering with his vehicles than driving them.


  • Many years spent covering car news in digital media
  • Extensive experience with trucks, off-road driving, and overland travel
  • Former professional used car buyer for multiple dealerships
  • Former road test editor at automotive site Jalopnik
  • DIY mechanic’ing since his first days driving


Andrew’s media career first sparked when he introduced a regular car column to his college newspaper around 2007. Since then, he’s worked in a few corners of the automotive industry in addition to journalism including dealership logistics, off-road racing, and leading overland expeditions all over the world.

As passionate about tinkering and collecting as he is about driving, Andrew takes a lot of pride in his own cars and brings a wealth of personal experience on keeping old vehicles alive to Car Bibles. Research skills combined with real-world insights helps him lead the site’s team of writers to provide car content that’s both entertaining and educational.

Before running Car Bibles, Andrew spent many years at the automotive site Jalopnik as a writer, editor, and car review manager. He’s also appeared on several automotive podcasts, television shows, and radio shows.

Outside media, Andrew has competed in high-profile off-road races including the Baja 1000 and Australasian Safari. He’s led weeks-long off-grid vehicle tours in South America and Australia. Andrew’s also worked as a professional car buyer, which means he evaluated dozens of used cars every week and coordinated supply chains for a small network of automobile dealerships.


Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Vermont with supplementary studies at Stockholm University. Field school in archaeology. Some wilderness medical training. Firefighter 1 certification. Held a driver’s license since 2004, motorcycle license since 2006.

Fun Fact

Andrew spent a winter skiing in a pachyderm costume as the official mascot of Mammoth Mountain, California.

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