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This 49-Mile 2014 Chevy Tahoe Time Capsule Is Being Traded Like a Stock

This shockingly mint GMT900 has changed hands multiple times this year thanks to speculative trading, and it'll hit the auction block again in January.
Boyd Collection

This ridiculously mint black-on-black 2014 Chevy Tahoe LTZ with just 49 miles on the odometer popped up in my feed this week, and after thinking about how sweet the GMT900 platform is, I realized it looked familiar—it sold on Bring a Trailer six months ago.

I know ultra-rare cars trading hands without being driven is a staple of the high-end car collecting hobby. But you have to admit, it’s particularly funny to see a fairly late-model Chevy Tahoe, one of America’s most ubiquitous vehicles, travel around the nation trading hands between speculators.

The truck MSRP’d at $61,270 when it was new (about $80,500 in today’s money) and was sold by a Chevy dealer in Utah. Apparently, it proceeded to spend the next nine years hibernating, only to be sold and shipped out to New Jersey.

Some Facebook comments indicate it was sold by another Chevy dealer this past spring for a little under $40,000, but I haven’t been able to find that listing. It’s too bad, because “who sold it and why after hanging onto it so long” is the most interesting question the vehicle brings up.

What we can see easily is that after Utah, the 49-mile Tahoe went to New Jersey, from where it was sold on Bring a Trailer for $50,500 plus the auction site’s 5% buyer’s fee (so $53,025) to user CBB5795.

This week, it popped up in the Low Miles No Miles Facebook Group in the Charles Boyd Chevrolet GMC dealership showroom in Henderson, North Carolina. Charles Boyd himself posted it with the note that it’s going to auction again, at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale, Arizona auction next month (January 2024).

Boyd’s indicating the truck will sell no-reserve, so I guess the market will have another chance to re-assess the value of what is probably the most mint GMT900 Tahoe on planet Earth. The truck looks like something government agents or anonymous henchmen would drive though, of course, most Tahoes spend their lives shuttling children and groceries around suburbs or idling in drive-thru lines. Still, these GMT900 trucks and their GMT800 predecessors are well-proven to be reliable and versatile as long as you don’t mind feeding them a whole lot of fuel.

I’m not trying to pee in anybody’s cereal by calling out the absurdity of this thing—if you want to buy a sweet example of a common, not-that-old car, go nuts. I just think the adventure of Utah to New Jersey to North Carolina and now to Arizona that this truck’s going on, without actually driving a single mile, is hilarious.

Like, it probably wasn’t even driven onto the transportation trailers, right? It must have been winched—at 49 original miles, every inch towards that next tick of the odometer could be worth thousands!

Anyway, if you’re shooting a Men In Black sequel that needs to be set in 2014, you better jump on this. I have to admit, I will be curious to see what it sells for and, inevitably, where it goes next.