Ken Block’s Final Gymkhana Video Is a Spectacular Showcase of What He Did Best

Elecktrikhana Two: One More Playground is an epic exhibition of car control and cinematography.

byAndrew P. Collins|
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Before we tragically lost driving and racing legend Ken Block at the beginning of this year, he had already filmed one last Gymkhana-style video with his Hoonigan crew. That video finally dropped today, and it's absolutely epic.

"Electrikhana Two: One More Playground; Mexico City in the Audi S1 Hoonitron" features, of course, Block's incredible driving talents, Hoonigan's delightful attention to detail, and this bizarre electric Audi that's somewhere between a rally car and a spaceship going wild in Mexico's capital.

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If you're reading this on your phone or in a small browser window at work, I must insist that you get some headphones and give this clip your full attention. The audio track is a huge part of the experience.

Hoonigan's Gymkhana (and Electrikhana) videos have consistently been exceptional showcases of car control, automotive cinematography, and raw creativity.

Of course, Block's legacy was never going to come down to one video. But I think you'll agree that Hoonigan did right by him with this one. It's simple, yet captivating. There's a huge range of angles, stunts, and camera tricks. I love how smoothly elements are stitched together to give it polish—the Hoonigan luggage on the cargo conveyor belt, the cut from the "Rotiform" sponsor card, the perfectly circular bull-fighting ring that looks like a wheel, and the perfectly timed entrance to the airport as a jet takes off. Heck, I could go on, but you're probably too busy watching to even read this much.

The actual action is about eight minutes of this video, but the highlight reel through Gymkhana history in the credits at the end is totally worth sticking around for. Just watch it, already.

Rest in peace, KB. 43 Forever.

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