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How Ford, Ram, and GM’s Fancy Pickup Tailgates Compare. Who You Got?

Truck makers are rethinking the trusty tailgate. Which approach do you like the most?

One of the 2024 Ford F-150 pickup truck’s new party tricks is a multi-mode tailgate that can swing out as well as down. That means all three of the big Detroit truck brands (plus, of course, the Honda Ridgeline) have now introduced novel concepts and functionality to their pickup truck tailgates. Which one do you think is the best?

Ford Pro Access Tailgate

Ford added a retractable step to the tailgate of its Super Duty trucks way back in 2006, which made its way to half-ton (F-150-sized) vehicles not long after. But the new-for-’24 tailgate is called “Pro Access,” and features a door-style opening mode along with the traditional tailgate drop.


If you don’t want to put the whole gate down, you can open the Pro Access tailgate like a side door (meant to be accessed from the driver’s side, it swings from the right). This door rests at 37 degrees, 70 degrees, and 100 degrees to minimize the odds of you swinging it too wide and banging it against something.

Basically, it’s like having a mini bonus door in the middle of your tailgate. Ford has not announced pricing or all availability details on the Pro Access tailgate yet, though the demo images feature a Platinum-trim truck, so it will at least be part of a package there.

GMC MultiPro/Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate

The MultiPro tailgate is kind of like a tailgate within a tailgate. Tailgateception. Tailgate infinity mirror. Basically, picture a truck tailgate, then another one that’s like 75 percent smaller, in the top-middle. This gives the GM tailgate quite a few functional modes for a big range of cargo sizes. If you really want to be popular at the next parking lot party, you can get the Kicker-branded audio system that tucks stereo controls into the GMC version of this tailgate, too.

The Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate and GMC MultiPro Tailgate are basically the same. General Motors

The Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate is a $445 option on Silverados. GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate (it’s functionally the same thing) is standard on SLE trim and up, but you can further decorate it with a step light ($195) and the previously mentioned stereo ($995).

Ram Multifunction Tailgate

Ram’s Multifunction tailgate adds an off-center split opening, essentially allowing you to open it barn-door style as well as dropping it like a traditional tailgate.

The Multifunction tailgate is standard on some Ram trims and a $1,095 option on others.

Honda Dual-Action Tailgate

The Honda Ridgeline’s Dual-Action Tailgate is most similar to Ford’s new tailgate. The main difference is that while Ford’s side-opening mode basically just makes a little door in the middle of the gate, the Honda Ridgeline tailgate swings completely open like a giant door.

The Dual-Action Tailgate is built into every Ridgeline.

Who You Got?

GM’s MultiPro/Multi-Flex tailgate is considerably more complex than the other non-standard tailgates here, and I think it’s my favorite for the bed-extension functionality. But the door-style swing-out ones have merit too, for sure. What’s your fave?