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Ram Rampage Pickup Gets DIY 3D-Printed Accessories System Like the Ford Maverick

If you can think up a feature that Ram doesn't offer from the factory, you can add it yourself with Mopar 3D Lab.

The Ford Maverick is beloved by the maker community for its FITS system, which enables owners to add their own 3D-printed accessories in thoughtfully placed slots throughout the cab. Not only that, but Ford also gives out free CAD files for the truck’s interior to make the design process simpler. Stellantis must have taken notice because it’s releasing something similar for the new Ram Rampage pickup, which is expected to fight the Maverick when it eventually launches in the United States.

It’s called the Mopar 3D Lab and it has free designs available for customers so they can print various accessories for their own trucks. Six designs will be available at launch, such as phone holders, trash hooks, and even a vintage ornament. All of these are meant to fit on the lower section of the center console.

Ram Rampage Laramie

Of course, customers aren’t limited to what Ram supplies. The addition of this feature encourages owners to create and use their skills to design bespoke parts. Our own Peter Holderith and Rob Stumpf did that with the Maverick, printing accessories like a gyroscopic water bowl for dogs and even a solar-powered heat extractor. The possibilities are almost endless—so long as they’re compact enough to fit the slots.

There’s no denying how similar this Mopar 3D Lab concept is to Ford’s FITS system. That said, it’s sure to be welcomed by resourceful drivers that want to personalize their trucks. It’s a win-win, in that case, and there’s no need for a smart feature like this to be limited to one make or model.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Stellantis, our sources say the Ram Rampage is indeed coming to the United States. Expect an announcement later this year. In the meantime, keep working on your 3D printing skills so you’re primed and ready.

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