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Rich-Burning Scented Candles Smell Like Gasoline, Diesel, Leaded Fuel, and E85

Now you don't have to wheel your motorcycle into your apartment to get that sweet scent of petroleum products in your living space.
Adobe, Billington Farms

When our Editor-in-Chief dropped something from an Instagram ad into our work chat this morning, I was a little worried he might have gotten sucked into a pyramid scheme over Thanksgiving. But nope, it looks like fuel-scented candles are real and ready to make your apartment smell like a race track or runway.

The Billington Farms Candle Company seems to have made wacky-but-distinctive smell-flavors its schtick. Their catalog includes olfactory delicacies like Permanent Marker, Maple Syrup and Spaghetti(?), and Saw Dust.

Oh no, 2-stroke is sold out! Billington Farms

Actually, that last one actually perks my ears up … but Billington’s fuel-scented candle collection is most pertinent to our interests. Options include:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • E85
  • 2-stroke (oil and gasoline)
  • Race fuel (super high-octane gasoline)
  • 100LL (aviation fuel)
  • JP-8 (jet fuel, often used by the military)

The description of each includes a disclaimer along the lines of “…doesn’t smell exactly like JP-8 jet fuel (has a slightly tart and smoky aroma to replicate exhaust) it is as close to it as we could get while providing a candle that can be enjoyed by the masses!”

Which, yeah, that makes sense. I rolled my Scout into my workshop (a room in our house) and the entire domicile reeked of gasoline shortly after … not much longer after that, the truck was banned from our house because it produces a pretty offensive (and not particularly healthy) odor.

Billington claims its candles are eco-friendly and soy-based, though, so the candles called out above should let you enjoy the general vibe of your favorite fuel without poisoning the air in your house and/or creating an explosion hazard. Yay!

I don’t know much about the candle biz but Billington’s About Us page has me pretty optimistic about the execution of these. It appears to be a company that actually attempts to make quality products as opposed to a nameless Amazon retailer shilling gag gifts, which would have been my assumption about an outfit selling diesel-flavored candles.

We’re going to order some to test them out. Meanwhile, looks like a strong contender for gifting as Christmas comes around.

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