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For Sale: Historic Grattan Raceway in Michigan

This is another chance to save a historic race track, or to have an incredible backyard race track all to yourself.
Grattan Raceway

Racetracks across the U.S. have been dying a slow death. It seems like once a week that a new track is up for sale, or closed down to make way for business and housing development. In all fairness, race tracks are of incredibly limited use. But if you need that one use, the historic Grattan Raceway is officially for sale in Michigan.

Grattan is actually still an active racetrack located just 2.5 hours away from Detroit and 20 minutes from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but its owners are looking to offload the track for unknown reasons. There’s no stated threat from property developers or municipal sound regulations, making this sale seem fairly straightforward. No asking price is listed, though if you had to ask how much a racetrack costs, you probably aren’t the customer.

Grattan Raceway

While Grattan doesn’t have the provenance of some of the more legendary American tracks like Road Atlanta, Road America, Watkins Glen, or Laguna Seca, it has lived a healthy life as a local club-level track that served Detroit’s driving enthusiasts faithfully for several years. It’s a 2-mile long sweeping course with corners inspired by the legendary Monza circuit in Italy, as well as some technical turns that are original to the track. With ten turns, a 3,200-foot straight, and 40 feet of width, it’s an excellent club racing track.

For your presumably large sum of money, you also get a 1.25-mile motocross track, garages, and restrooms, making the track a ready-to-go racing facility. Though there are no grandstands, a folding chair and some light walking lets you see most of the track. Best of all, the track was recently repaved. 

Of course, there’s probably a catch. Owning a race track is an excellent way to burn cash. But if you want your own road course playground, look no further.

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