Weekly Wire for August 19th, 2016: Volvo and Uber in Pittsburgh, Prime GT40s at Pebble Beach, and the Cadillac CT6

It’s a good week for fancy.

byThe Drive Staff|
Cadillac News photo

In this week's edition of Weekly Wire, The Drive staffers Josh Condon, Will Sabel Courtney, and Ben Keeshin circle up to discuss Volvo and Uber's unprecedented move to bring an experimental, autonomous ride experience to Pittsburgh residents in which Volvo will furnish a fleet of autonomous XC90s to be chaperoned by two Uber engineers. Talk then turns to an older conversation between Will, Ben, and Sean Evans on the Cadillac CT6. In their group review, the trio couldn't find much to argue about—the CT6 was universally pleasing, comfortable and handsome.

Of course, this week, Pebble Beach demands attention. Contributor A.J. Baime did a story on the amazing roster of Ford GT40s to be assembled in Carmel. As if that weren't enough, a fantastic cache of Shelbys is going up for auction, including the very first Shelby Cobra, chassis CSX 2000, which is arguably the greatest grandfather of American sports cars and sporting-car racing. Want to hear the trickery Shelby played with that car as he tried madly to market his Anglo-American hybrid? Hit play.

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